Government tax revenue depends on the mining sector boom

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According to the predictions made salaries of public and corporate tax, next years budget will be affected by their activities and may be while the country remains in recession this income is not fulfilled, must be a way to gain the income. Although revenues are estimatedto be the first private sector and companies that are active in the exchange interactions were further to be more precise pathpredictions. In other words now some mines and mining companies are at a loss to income tax and they will be hard unless the tax breaks removed from the government some mining companies to increase government revenues in this sector and otherwise government to compensate for their deficits by borrowing money from the central bank and this will lead to higher inflation. Therefore, the government should adopt solutions to active part of a plan to half of the active mining boom  and related industries the opportunity to increase production capacity to provide, so that revenues increase.Because mining companies if they can not earna substantial income refused to pay royalties and government rights.

On the other hand, the decline in production,the domestic industry will be faced. The government to regulate the market shouldincrease imports of mineral products industry and this is not only damaging to the countrys domestic product but also more currencyout of the country that under sanctions for countries that can and will lead to more inflation. Since the size of demand for the dollar as a result of increased imports rise to the extent that the price will rise which ultimately will increase the price of imported products andrelated industries to form loops downstream will pressure .

Head of Iran Economy House

Source:Gostaresh Samt