Improper management cause delay to the mining sector

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May 1, 2015
Iran Mineral face
June 10, 2015

We hope that with proper planning and proper strategy in the mining sector, exit from the recession.

Mr.Bahraman, Vice President of Iran Mine House in conference of national day of mining and mineral industries in the economy and development of the country, said: Mine can only play its role in the national economy that look good to downstream industries.

He added: Given that the role of mining in GDP is around 1.2%, we need to see the effectiveness of the industry, if statistics are published in the 2013 is scale ,we can see that the countries of Chile, America and Canada in the mining sector have invested great figures. For example in Canada of $ 117 billion a year is invested in the mining sector.

Bahraman Pointed out: Investment in the mining sector in the country should look to strengthen, we have factors such as the development of human resources, mineral resources and energy in our country. Unfortunately, in recent years we have failed to take advantage as worthy of our mineral wealth of the country due to lack of proper management.

Vice President of Iran Mine House at the end, referring to meetings of specialized working group of the mining sector in Parliament said: We are glad that specialized working groups from government, the private sector and mineral NGOs to eliminate obstacles and developing mining sector is formed.

Source: Mine 24