Tasnim / Zanjan Waterpolo sponsor of UEFA was found .

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January 14, 2014
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December 20, 2014

Tasnim News: With follow-County Branch and Board of swimming and water polo, ” Asia Zarin Madan” to pay part of the costs of thewater polo team in the UEFA was introduced as a financial sponsor.

According Tasnim of Zanjan, After several months of uncertainty, Zanjan water polo that is representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in cup club, sponsor of this team determined, decisive and introduced. On this basis, according to the chairman of Zanjan swimming, diving and Water polo ,in UEFA, Zanjan water polo is called “Asia Zarin Madan”. And the team hopes to shine in this tournament is great. Zanjan Water polo first half of the Premier League Season was without financial sponsorship and named “Shahid Shahbazi”.And now finalized the financial sponsor of the team that is part of the costs incurred, Green shoots sitting in the hearts of all lovers of thesport that Iran pole of water polo, to conquer Asia. 25 Aug of this year Zanjan Director of Youth and Sports give notice of the possibility of reaching an agreement with a strong water polo sponsor. But the perfidious sponsor left water polo to drown in Problems, return hope to the water polo, Zanjan Deputy Governor enter the field and do it altogether.

Hopefully industries enter the Sports with a different look and youth teams of the province shine under their protection, water polo ‘sshine is shine of Zanjan people in Asia. UEFA begins December 24 of this year in Tehran. Asia Zarin Madan from Zanjan  and Omidieh Oil  are present, representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Akbar Arabdoost, coach of Asia Zarin Madan before traveling to Tehran and participate in the competition, Stating that to determine thefinancial sponsor of Zanjan water polo team, Hamidreza Shahbazi, Security Political Deputy Governor of Zanjan had great assistanceto us. To Tasnim said: We hope to answer these efforts and prayers of people with brilliant results.

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15 until 20 Dec 2014

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