Our efforts, to reduce any negative impact on the natural environment

Asia Zarin Madan company, has taken great strides in line with environmental standard. Also carried out a series of administrative measures ,that allows the organization to identify, assess and control the impact foist activities on the environment and ultimately improve their environmental performance. This system can meet the legal requirements of the EPA, as well as saving energy and material help. It can also exert more control over the operations and thus to reduce waste and increase efficiency of the organization.

• Tendency the environmental aspects of service provision, production and reduction of environmental risks in business activities
• Improve the companys activities on the environment and attention to the environmental quality of products (goods and services)
• Strengthen and ensure the efficiency for the customer and community organizations with responsibilities clearance
• Save money and time with respect to the systematic and prospective views
• Increase in satisfaction and motivation in staff
• Enhance the companys image in the national and international competition