The producing process of  Asia Zarin Madan Complex (LLP) for all products Includes the primary crushing, secondary crushing, flotation, filtration and storage of the product all equipment included in the recall are designed to be used for a wide range of minerals among soil types of  Lead oxide and sulfide, soil types of zinc oxide and sulfide, copper, iron,… and with little change in proven flow-sheet of production line and usage of specific chemicals for various minerals Can be processed  listed minerals with high efficiency.

At present, flotation of oxidized lead soil, Lead sulfide soil, oxidized zinc soil and zinc sulfide soil, is done by up to date knowledge, equipment and processing machines and by the young trained and experienced staff in order to produce all kind of zinc oxide and sulfide concentrates with the highest efficiency and lowest energy costs.

As mentioned earlier, company has the ability to produce other products in less time and with minimal changes if needed.

In production process all safety and health issues are all observed and no industrial waste or pollutants are made.

In the flotation process for the minerals listed, using specific chemical minerals, can be achieved with high quality products.