Experts believe, What distinguishes developed and developing countries ,is attitude of these countries to investigate It’s preliminary and tools. Industry research is so important that the level of development of each industry, depends on investment on research. The situation in our country is more sensitive despite the favorable climatic conditions, there are large reserves of various minerals,energy and cheap labor, most of our industries have not yet achieved the level of development and Research in our country and thats why research in our country is more important. Research and Development Center of Asia Zarin Madan  as a manufacturer of mining, especially lead and zinc industry, in order to fulfill the company’s mission has always taken effective steps and no effort has been spared to restore the potential of this industry. The center uses scientists of this industry and rely on professionals and young students, today is honored to declare the ability to resolve technical problems of lead and zinc industry and in this way declares their support and cooperation in order to meet the ideas of thinkers and researchers of this industry.