Asia Zarin Madan Co.

Established in 2004,Asia Zarin Madan Company is one of the biggest producer of zinc & lead concentrates in the Middle East.

The nominal capacity of the factory for zinc oxide concentrate with the grade of 25-40% is 265000 MT & 36000 MT for lead concentrate with the grade of 56-60%.

Our concentrates have the best quality in comparison with the other producers.The factory is equipped with the modern machinery from Sweden & is utilizes by the latest technology in the production of zinc & lead concentrates.Meanwhile,our company has had a close cooperation with the big overseas companies from Germany,Norway,Italia & China.Regarding R&D, we have received the related certificates from the Ministry of Industries & Mines. Also, we have a close relationship with the important universities & for some inventions we have received several innovation certificates.

Our company observes all safety principles & has no environmental pollution. 35% of the site is allocated to the green area related to the friendly environmental projects for which received the green award in 2006.

Commercial Department

The main product of the factory have been used in both domestic & international markets.

We have experienced 30% export annual growing since 2006.

Since 2004,we have been the superior exporter in Zanjan province.

Trade Department

Our activities are as follows:

Zinc Ingot,Lead Oxide,Zinc Oxide

The main destination of our products are:

China,India,Pakistan,UAE,South Korea,Turkey,Kuwait,Srilanka,African countries.

Other Activities

The teams of Asia Zarin Madan Company take part in different fields of sport & gain the high steps in domestic leagues.