Managing Director

Shahram Kadkhodaei

In the name of God

Shareholders, board members and dear colleagues,Thank God for succeeding me to serve in  Asia Zarin Madan Compay and I hope with the company’s capable colleagues, sincerely serve all stakeholders.

Approach to increase the efficiency of product quality, Using of new technologies and environmental protection, is pivotal strategy of the company, and to achieve that will use all available tools and resources. undertaking this mission depends on proper execution of duties by all partners in the collection.

Dynamic and relaxed environment for colleagues, Use all available capacity to advance the corporate goals of the company, Legalism, Strengthening monitoring and control systems, Apply the scientific outlook, Targeted Marketing Based on proper interaction with the audience, Creativity and Innovation, Transparency of financial statements and Company Information, Select Associates Based on meritocracy, is the most important thing of the company. Certainly preserve past accomplishments ,Company goals ahead, staying in a line with developments and the challenges requires, comprehensive and detailed view of all the factors driving, among continuous improvement of quality and quantity of products, taking advantage of new technologies.

In the shadow of Ethics, I ask all young and educated directors and partners of company, to continue their efforts and observance principles of customer focus, with honesty and integrity, to serve all customers and do not spare any effort.

God bless you all

Shahram Kadkhodaei

MD of Asia Zarin Madan