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Call for Papers
January 15, 2015
Factors affecting the price fluctuations of lead and zinc checked
January 21, 2015

Mine 24: Call for papers to be presented at the first conference of lead , zinc and market prospect  was announced.

Ehsan Piri, scientific secretary of the first conference of lead , zinc and market outlook stating in an interview with mine 24 reporters:

In 3 parts, Lead and zinc industrys prospects in Iran and the world , the change in the stock price of lead and zinc and analysis oftrends and challenges in the development of Iran lead and zinc needs and deficiencies are ready to receive articles.

He added: In the first section of articles on topics such as the production status, exploration and development plans will be reviewed.Mr.Piri reiterated: Check Commodity Exchange,Exchange and London Metal Exchange (LME) ,Changes in the price of leadand zinc in stock and analysis of market trends will be analyzed. Scientific Secretary of the first Conference of lead,zinc and the marketoutlook,Lead and zinc industrys development challenges and assess their needs and deficiencies is basic subjects of papers forpresentation at the conference.

It should be noted, participants to attend the conference contact with , the secretariat of the conference, Asia Zarin Madan Company.

Address: No 126, West Sarv Blvd, Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran.
Tel Number: 22116848 Mrs. Abedian

Source: Mine 24