Giant zinc mine of the world at risk of closure

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August 28, 2015
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August 31, 2015

Australian government threatened Glencore to close McArthur River zinc mine.

 Australia announced; The McArthur River zinc mine will be closed, unless Glencore improve environmental status of this mine.

And on the other hand, covering financial papers in order to increase the mine rehabilitation.

Residents near the McArthur River mine,that one of the worlds largest zinc mines, have complained

Status Activities of this mine and conditions such as smoke rising from the accumulation of mine tailings and contamination of the environment.

 (Reuters): Adam Zhyls, chief minister of the Northern area, where the mine is located said: The government has been negotiating for months with Glencore that the companys plan to control mine pollution should be studied and implemented.

Source: Minews