Lead and zinc industry with 40% of its nominal capacity is active

Factors affecting the price fluctuations of lead and zinc checked
January 21, 2015
January 25, 2015

To achieve one hundred percent of the production capacity of lead and zinc, needed to supply the raw materials.

Shahram Kadkhodaie, CEO of Asia Zarin Madan, by stating in an interview with reporters, said: Lead and zinc industry is due to lack ofsoil with a minimum capacity working. If the industry with all the problems, develop easily up to 40% more capacity.

 He added: Production of lead and zinc in Iran,is economic ,provided that the nominal capacity of the industry to continue its work.

Kadkhodaie added: The main obstacle in the way of production, Shortage or rather, not minerals is the main element and if the problem to be solved, other obstacles are solved.

He said: The only solution to mineral deficiency, is imports of minerals and activation domestic large and small mines,especially MehdiAbad mine.

CEO of Asia Zarin Madan Company in response to a Mine 24 reporters question: How do you see lead and zinc market outlook? Said:Due to the drop in oil prices on world markets, Special attention should be non-oil exports. Hence, we can be optimistic about the future of zinc industry.

He added: Despite problems of mineral resources (soil, lead and zinc) Without even a day off ,apart from the regular stops this year,continue to work and flotation on soils with low grade, all work capacity is filled.

Kadkhodaie noted: Prospects for the coming year will be better. Because we have put on the agenda,soil imports from neighboring countries.

At the end of his answer to the question “Conferences such as lead, zinc and Market Outlook Conference: How do you evaluate?” Said:Several aspects of this conference is important. First it can be transparent, domestic and foreign investors will be attracted to the industry and high levels of investment, which in turn will increase production and profits. Second manufacturers,solidarity and unity can further identify strengths and weaknesses and the fertility and productivity, more production and export be diligent. Third the local miners of small mines, they acquire the knowledge of the activation of small mines and deliver the product to market is important role in the production of capital and will streamline the production of ingots, lead and zinc.

Source:Mine 24