Mining restricted areas to be determined once and for all

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July 13, 2015
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July 20, 2015

Mining restricted areas can be determined by the government and high levels once and for all.

Mohammad Jafar Sadeghi Panah, Board member of Iran Mine House, said:

Miners also believe in environment. However, production can not be shut down and did not create jobs.

He added: Art of miners is with a national vision and with the least damage to the environment can provide the highest output and employment.

Sadeghi Panah noted: miner should write the operation of the mine noted that issues of environment and natural resources and department of Environment and Natural Resources should be the same in this direction.

Board members of Iran Mine House reiterated: In developed mining countries does not exist problem between environment and miners. So we will be able to solve this problem, just mining restricted areas clear once and for all and the rest of the areas done under the terms of mining activities.

Source: Madan 24