The First Lead and Zinc Specialized Seminar will be held in 17 February

First conference of lead and zinc will be held on 17 February 2015
January 6, 2015
January 10, 2015

Madan 24 collaborated with Zarrin Madan Asia Holding will organize the first Lead and Zinc specialized seminar in February.
According to Madan 24 the first Lead and Zinc will be held in 17th February, aimed to investigate the general situation of zinc and lead production and their domestic and international markets and also status of exploration and development projects of Iran and region Zinc and Lead industries.

Iran Mining and Industry Chamber of Commerce will help to Madan 24 and Zarrin Madan Asia Holding to hold this conference.

It’s noteworthy that this conference will be held in ran Chamber of commerce and more information will be announced later by Madan 24.