The mining sector grew by 10 percent in the first half of the year

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December 25, 2014
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January 1, 2015

Mine 24: The mining sector in the first half of this year, achieved the highest growth in the Iran economy manufacturing group. So that the mutation in this area, has been more than 2.5 times GDP growth.

Public Relations Department of Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IMIDRO), According to the latest report of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic, In this period, while the mining sector grew 10.5 percent recorded in the GDP growth of 4 percent.

In addition, mining among  the head of production, including agriculture, oil and mining industries also won the highest growth. Thecircumstances under which a mine field in the first half year92, had a negative growth of 0.3 percent. at the end of last year, could not be achieved an increase of 0.9 percent, But in the first six months of this year grew 10.5 percent. However, the head ofagriculture, oil and mining industries achieved 3.2, 9.2 and 7.2 percent growth respectively.

Mining sector stand in the in the first place among number of Industries and Mines. And then electricity, gas and water grew by 10.3percent, and industrial sector grew by 6.3 percent . In this period Services group gained 2.5 per cent growth.And the highest growthrate among subgroups of the area, monetary and financial institutions with 15.2% percent growth in the services sector was awarded.

Source: Mining and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IMIDRO)