Asia Zarin Madan comes 2nd in Asian Water Polo Clubs Championship

Iran teams win in Asian water polo clubs championship
December 20, 2014
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December 24, 2014

Asia Zarin Madan finished in second place in the 2014 Asian Water Polo Clubs Championship on Saturday.

The Iranian representative was defeated against Kazakhstan’s Astana 13-6 at the International Swimming Pool of Shiroudi Sport Complex in Tehran.

Earlier in the day, Naft Omidieh, also from Iran, was defeated against Al-Qadisiyah of Saudi Arabia 16-14 in the third-fourth match.

The 2014 Asian Water Polo Clubs Championship brought eight teams together.

Final standings:

1. Astana (KAZ)

2. Zarin Maadan Asia (IRI)

3. Qadisiyah Al-Khobar(KSA)

4. Naft Omidieh (IRI)

5. Almaty (KAZ)

6. Al Qadsia (KUW)

7. Kuwait

8. Afghanistan