Attracting a billion dollars investment in the mining sector

Iran Lead and Zinc,with the market of high advantage and low volatility
February 22, 2015
Fifth Science to Practice National Fair Festival
February 25, 2015

 CEO of Zarrin Mining Group said: Attracting a billion dollars investment in the mining sector.

The first lead , zinc and market seminar was held.In this seminar Ibrahim Jamili,director of industrial and mining group,said:until next year,one billion USD,the equivalent of three thousand and 500 billion toman investment in the mining sector will be absorbed.Hepointed out in lead and zinc industry,there was no public investment,said:only lead and zinc national unit after war was designed to meet the needs by Germans. Only to produce lead; but then there have not been any new producing 450 thousandtons of lead ingots and 420 thousand tons of zinc ingots.That is for private sector.Jamili:while the absence of government in lead and zinc sector and the light of the decisions of this area, it is a great advantage.Lack of government caused by lack of attention andinjustice to lead and zinc industry.

According to him,lead and zinc industry in the development and use of new technology leading by a few large companies,as far ascould be 3 times export more than domestic requirements.He laments the outflow of capital and domestic investors to neighboring countries like Turkey, said:the turkey processing plant will be set up soon.Zarrin mining and industrial group CEO, said: with thediscovery of new mines in Kazakhstan and Turkey,must be concerned about the countrys exports of lead and zinc.If do not beappropriate action and is not done by the government the transfer of mapping. Have seen a decline in exports in this area as well.