Iran Lead and Zinc,with the market of high advantage and low volatility

Lead and zinc conference will be held international next year
February 14, 2015
Attracting a billion dollars investment in the mining sector
February 23, 2015

According to Gostaresh Samt, lead,zinc and market specialized seminar with the active participation of the industry at the Chamber of Commerce was held.

 Lead and Zinc Industry and Market Outlook Conference that was held to promote the industry,the challenge of food shortage of lead and zinc plants and the need for new discoveries in the field of mining and also decided Mehdi Abad mine as the most likely way to feed mine reviewed and evaluated. At this meeting,country’s lead and zinc private sector calling for the state to develop the industry inorder to increase employment and were used the advantage of lead and zinc.

Ebrahim Jamili,member of the board of lead and zinc at this meeting,referring to the existing capacity of the lead and zincindustry,said:in recent years, there is little support from the industry  and due to the discovery of the mines in Turkey and Kazakhs investment,the situation is not very good for Iran. He pointed out that investment in Turkey to construct the first processing plant with Iran helps has led to neglect the lead and zinc industry,continued: if we can give exploration areas and abandoned areas which have been useless,good things achieved.However,the institution entrusted but have not reached a conclusion. Member of the board of lead and zinc stating that,in the lead and zinc processing plants only 35 percent of materials are from the interior and the rest is imported,Stated: Activation of Mehdi Abad mine,this capacity increases to 3 times. Jamili said that: In this way we can export and employment inthe industry increases,continued:that is why we must look for opportunities and absorption of investment.

Iran, the fourth largest producer of zinc and lead

Mohammadreza Bahraman,the secretariat stated that Iran is the fourth producer of lead and zinc mine in Asia,said:this is a great advantage that it should be used efficiently.He pointed to the importance of the private sector in the area declared: Private sector activity in the mining sector can provide very good results and it should be noted that the economic environment of the area wheremining occurs it changes.

Bahraman:lack of investment in mining because was not productivity in this field.And added: must be able to increase the level ofknowledge to force firms to be successful.

Vice President of Iran Mine House said:referring to the private sector, mining today is a good influence on those responsible for making decisions.