Lead and zinc conference will be held international next year

The First Conference On Lead and Zinc Industry and market outlook
January 29, 2015
Iran Lead and Zinc,with the market of high advantage and low volatility
February 22, 2015

Mine 24: Lead and zinc in the next conference will be held at the international level. And representatives of lead and zinc industry of foreign countries will be invited.

Ibrahim Jamili, CEO of Zarrin mining and industrial group, in conversation with a reporter of Mine24: He said, the same “first conference of lead and zinc industry and market”, held each year in countries with this industry, but unfortunately in our country has not been held this conference.

He added: The Conference of lead and zinc industry and market, we will follow 4 goals,including the introduction of lead and zincindustry and the capital market,and introduces the possibility that an investor should be have in this regard, such as the introduction of design, technology and university cooperation.

Jamili noted: Our next goal is to attract foreign investment in the coming years ,for the period after the embargo should be properlyplanned so as to enable small mines.

Head of Iran Economic House, cooperation with universities and presentation of comparative advantage of lead and zinc industry to universities,such other purposes as the holding of the conference.

Motivation and interest in the knowledge based companies to introduce and employing the latest technology in the world is named of important reason and purpose of the conference and added: In terms of our relationship with the mining and processing trainee oflead and zinc mines and processing plants over our past.

Jamili added at the end: The first conference of lead and zinc prospects and the market we also appreciate and thank our veterans ofthe industry.

It is the first conference of lead and zinc industry and market outlook, On 17 February from 9am to 15pm will be held at the Iran Chamber of Commerce at the eighth floor.