European capitals, dream of Iran

Fifth Science to Practice National Fair Festival
February 25, 2015
Production of lead and zinc accelerates
April 19, 2015

The News Room- If you want to mention the capasity of Iran  mining sector after the Lausanne Agreement, need toattract investment in the mining industry in the first place. In other words, this section because it could be the generator of economic growth and exports; with the introduction of updated equipment from leading European countries and collaboration with othercompanies begins a new chapter in the economy, which will be the basis for development.

In other words, Since before the Lausanne negotiations European Commission came to Iran and this longing after Lausanne increased.Besides the mineral potential of Iran As of 56 billion tons of mineral definitive, conditions provided that Europe is the biggest source ofinvestment. Iran on the one hand, located in the geographical area which could simply be a high volume of manufactured goods export to many parts of Asia and Europe. On the other hand, the willingness of European economic growth,they led to thecapacity of our mineral and having the technology of the day can promote the production of mining industry and also increase thediscoveries of Iran.

For example, In the rare earth elements has high capacity to benefit from the latest technology and machinery from Europe can do thehigh value-added given to the country. Also in the lead and zinc  industry of the country with develop of exploration can be allocateda larger share of exports to this product. These conditions provide an opportunity for investment in mining and mineral industryprovides to provide machinery and equipment, exploration and extraction will increase and push the GDP.