Production of lead and zinc accelerates

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April 18, 2015
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May 1, 2015

CEO of Asia Zarrin Madan, about lead and zinc situation in the country said: Currently is produced in concentrate and bullion in thecountry.But  the cost of these products is high due to low grade mineral,on the other hand, Iran does not have the high reserves of zinc.So should increase this mineral exploration; to identify additional reserves for extraction and provide for country needs effectivesteps to be taken internally.

Ibrahim Jamili,about barriers of lead and zinc industry in the country and the activation of a new mine said: Currently providingliquidity and the entry of new foreign investors, in addition to funding,equipment and technical knowledge at the disposal of theIranian miners is very important.

Although this mineral in the country is not considered for processing and value added, but the discovery of new reserves could be a mechanism to enable the production units in this sector.

Source: Gostaresh Samt