Production chain must be completed in mineral group

July 4, 2015
Basic metals prospects in the stock exchange TV Program
July 13, 2015

The circumstances of mining companies is better than the circumstances of other groups. Since mineral potential is never low and may only be based on a world price fluctuations, the basic requirements of companies not so much under the influence of non-systematic factors.

Report of the Capital Market Information Center (Sena), CEO of Asia Zarrin Madan Company, Having said the above, about the volatility of mineral group said:

Major fluctuations, fluctuations in iron ore, which has a large drop. It is not that unusual for this group, as a decade ago, a large drop in the price of lead and zinc that has been caused by global fluctuations.

Ebrahim Jamili added: In a study that was conducted, in a 5-year, the price will grow, but not increased 100%, is expected an increase of 15%.Because consumption of zinc is more on industry. Lead prices are expected to be positive and negative 5%. The lead role in the industry if not more not less.

He pointed out: The important thing in mining group is that,not least the global need for basic metals and if shareholders have long-term look at lead and zinc company, will be relieved to the profitability of the industry.

Jamili further noted the following points:

Incentive policies instead of toll –

Shift and look, instead of legislation and several regulations-

-Circumstances of mineral group benefit from the new technology

– Mineral impact of sanctions

Source: SENA