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June 24, 2015
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July 11, 2015

World mineral databases,introduced Irans total production value of minerals in the eighth position.

According to 2015 World Mining Data,the total value of mineral production in Iran has more than 162 billion dollars. The report includes all metallic minerals, Non-metallic, precious metals, industrial minerals and mineral fuels (oil and gas).

The website published a report this year is output value of 2013.

Iran is located higher than countries such as Brazil, India and South Africa.

In this report, Chinas mineral production value of 777 billion dollars stand in the first place and then America, Arabia (With a high volume of mineral fuels),Asian Russia,Australia,Canada and European Russia,respectively in the second place to eighth.

 The Americas mineral production value of 577 billion dollars,Saudi Arabia which mainly produces fuel to 447 billion dollars,Asian Russia 421 billion dollars,Australia 205 billion dollars,Canada 204 billion dollars and European Russia has 169 billion dollars.

After Iran, Brazil place with 153 billion dollars,UAE 142. 9 billion dollars and India with 142. 3 billion dollars.

In this report states Benin with 2 billion dollars,Moldova and Costa Rica each with a billion dollars have minimum order value of mineral production in the world.

Source: Otagh News