The need for zero mining accidents

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June 13, 2015
July 4, 2015

:CEO of Iran mineral extraction and production company said

Safety and the prevention of mining accidents should follow seriously until the day we can take to zero mining accidents.

Mr.Jafari,in  HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)  managers meetings of complex subsets of mineral extraction and production company, announced:

Safety and prevention of accidents must be pursued more vigorously than in the past and with careful planning we can achieve day that mine accidents reach zero.

He added: Proper implementation issues related to health, safety and environment, such as the analysis of safety issues to reduce accidents, the institutionalization of safety and its transformation to culture, environmental protection, special meetings at least once a month and performance reporting and more attention to training and encouraging staff to implement the recommendations, can guarantee managers success in the implementation of safety.

CEO of Iran mineral extraction and production company said:

Safety debate not only limited to mine safety and control equipment.added:

If health and the environment are not considered, can not completed  safety chain. For example, in the discussion of health, if the issues are not properly implemented and observed, is harmful and can cause fatalities.Therefore, HSE management should be considered in all discussions.

Source: Mine News